The River

Hello my name’s Daniel and i’ll be talking about the river I went to. 1st day i’m at my best friend’s house, my friend named Gavin gets ready to sleep and go to the river. Same thing with me. I brought pajamas, clothes a swimsuit, deck of cards and a walkie talkie, then I went to sleep. Next day I brushed my teeth, then had breakfast. We had 2 cars, 1 for the girls and 1 for me Gavin and Mr.Bolton. Gavin brought his iPad in the car so we can play Pokemon go. It was really hard to get things in the pokie stops cause the car was moving to fast. We eventually got there but there was no parking spots. I should a told you this at the beginning but Gavin’s cousins invited Gavin and everyone brought a friend and Gavin picked me. so gavin’s cousins had a parking spot. I also shod a told you in the beginning that Gavin’s mom brought me water shoes so i don’t get a cut in the river by the rocks, the water was very cold and shallow. There was a rope swing and I tried it for the very first time. After that I took the walkie talkies, I gave one to Gavin and one for me. We didn’t use them very long because we were about to have lunch. I had a lunchable, then I took the cards out and did a little bit of magic tricks. After that we went to the beginning of the river, went in a tube connected with Gavin and floated. We were last, until the girls got stuck and we past a bunch of cousins and made it back 3d. We played a little bit of catch with the ball, and was disappointed that we were not gonna have marshmallows, but the good news, we were gonna have ice cream instead! [we had ice cream at Mu thru] !! We were in the car saying  good bye and we left.. I had a very good day, hope you read my next blog, see you later alligator!