DJ’s Galaxy

My name is Daniel or I can be named DJ your choice. I’ll be talking about X-MEN Apocalypse, and whats it about. There is this character named Apocalypse who is the bad guy. This bad guy is actually the first mutant on earth. HIs power is, lets say he’s able to get into peoples bodies if he’s hurt or old and if he gets in a mutant he’ll have the mutants power . so the X-MEN are dealing with a god. [Apocalypse is Still a mutant]. Apocalypse always brings four followers. sorta like the four horse men of Apocalypse. Think he got the idea from the bible, or the bible got it from him. his followers are magneto, angel, storm and psylocke. Everyone of Apocalypse followers had their powers improved by Apocalypse. Storm had the power of storms. psylocke has the power to use energy as a sword or a lasso. Angel has a pair of wings and Apocalypse turned angel’s wings into metal wings making them stronger and able to shoot metal feathers. Magneto has the power to control metal, and his power was improved to control metal everywhere like  metal from the ground. This bad guy Apocalypse also wants Xavier’s power to control everyone in the world. this movie also tells you how Xavier lost hi hair, and if you watch this one I hope you watched the X-men future’s past because it’ll help you understand x-men Apocalypse, and before I finish my review  I have to say the setting of x-men Apocalypse is before x-men future’s past, and if you have or have’nt watched future’s past you don’t need to worry if your confused about the robots and stuff in future’s past because wolverine went to the past to stop the robot stuff so basically everything in future’s past didn’t happen.