CrAzY dream

Hi, my name is Maria and I’m 8 years old today I’m going to talk about some crazy dream I had. so most of my dreams are really short so the night I had this dream was the night me and my family watched my favorite show America has talent. So I was sitting on … [Read more…]

Five knights at Fredy’s

what have you brought home  Hello my name is Daniel i’ll be talking  about FNAF 1, 2, 3, 4, and a little bit about that trailer of FNAF5. FNAF1 is when Fredy’s place opened. In daylight all the animatronics are dancing in front of a crowd, but the whole game is to watch at night. … [Read more…]

Scary movies!!!!!! [best read at night]

what have you brought home Hello my names Daniel and i’ll be talking about my top scary movies. Okay well…… i’m thinking okay i’m ready. Poltergeist is my top scary movie, the new one. After that I think it’s invasion, especially when I was eight cause the alien took the eight year old kid. Then … [Read more…]

Fun I had with my dad

Hi my name is Maria and I’m 8 years today I’m going to talk  about fun things I did with my dad. Well, the whole reason we went out to have fun is because me and my dad had a doctor appointment. When they were done with my appointment we went to i-hop ’cause it … [Read more…]

The River

Hello my name’s Daniel and i’ll be talking about the river I went to. 1st day i’m at my best friend’s house, my friend named Gavin gets ready to sleep and go to the river. Same thing with me. I brought pajamas, clothes a swimsuit, deck of cards and a walkie talkie, then I went … [Read more…]

Things that are top notch and not top notch

Hi my name is Maria and I’m 8 years i’m going to be talking a about things that are topnotch and not topnotch. #1 getting a bad hair cut that looks like harry potter, not topnotch , being able to dress up as harry potter whenever you want topnotch!!!#2 step on A peace of gum, … [Read more…]

Secrets your parents, or only my parents have

I dj will be talking about things your parents might do without telling you. Was there times where your parents tell you to leave them alone or tell you there going somewhere sounding suspicious. My parents go in the garage and smoke! They always tell me to go away and that they need to talk, … [Read more…]

Inside Out review

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m 8 years old I’m going to talk about inside out. I do not like the movie that much ,but It’s okay. My favorite character is sadness my second favorite is disgust, then anger then  joy then fear. I’d give this movie a two out of five. I just don’t like … [Read more…]

“Finding Dory” Movie Review by Maria

Hi I’m Maria, Im 8 years old, I’m going to do A ” finding Dory ” review. First of all Dory want’s to find her parents, she lost them when she was little. She has memory lose but can remember she has it (as in memory lose) and can remember  her parents. Within the movie … [Read more…]